Client services

At Tate & Harriss, we have years’ of combined experience, previously working on a self-employed model, which we feel gives us the competitive edge, as we know the level of hard work, attention and service each of us have put in, to finding the right candidate every time. We have always prided ourselves on focussing on the 360 recruitment which means that from start to finish, you’ll be liaising with an experienced recruiter who will take time to understand your business needs, to source and place the best fit for you.

Think of us as your very own internal recruiters! We know that there is no one size fits all when it comes to recruitment, as needs can vary depending on company, sector and role. We can offer various services to cater for all requirements as and when it may be needed.

Adhoc recruitment

We search for the correct candidate initially utilising our existing database of candidates, for which there is a wide range of skill sets. We then extend our search to various job boards as well as actively headhunting. We’ll pre-vet each individual candidate before introducing them to you, manage the interview booking process, provide feedback and negotiate offers, keeping constant dialogue with Clients and candidates alike, throughout the entire process and beyond, whilst the candidate is embedded within the company.


If you are looking to recruit a large number of people, for the same or different roles, this may be the most effective option. We can visit your office on a regular basis, working on behalf of your company as an external recruitment consultant. Once through selection, we can then arrange interviews, with someone from your business, to support them with the interviewing process and decision making.



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